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The learning journey of Entrepreneurial Thinking is a continuous cycle. However It is not effective unless this learning journey is holistic and comprehensive. It becomes holistic when it is measured and the corrective cycles take place through this learning journey. At ETQ® we offer a range of products and learning solutions for children and adults.


Employee modules are based on your organization’s objectives and would contribute to employees’ personal growth. The learning process will bring more accountability & ownership, customer orientation, improve employee motivation and remove prejudices that exist within employees . ETQ modules are intended to improve an organization’s competitive advantage by assisting in the development of an 'entrepreneurial mindset driven' culture.


Entrepreneur modules are intended to guide founders or the core team of startup founders through the process of self-reflection. ETQ modules will have a direct impact on execution speed, people management skills, building the right connections, risk taking, and decision making abilities. ETQ’s ROI would far outweigh the founders’ investment of time, effort, or money.

Adult Students

When technologies and nature of jobs are changing at a rapid pace, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to instill an entrepreneurial attitude in students by cultivating the necessary self-awareness, situational awareness, and habits. This vastly increases the canvas on which students can construct their future careers and aids in the development of important life skills.

School Students

Nurturing young students’ situational awareness and creative spirit, and assisting them in developing empowered habits & basic risk proficiency during their early years will assure their overall growth. ETQ for young minds is specifically designed to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, which helps immensely to create the right foundation for the new world.


At ETQ® it is our constant endeavour to improve the end user experience. End user satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.


A global team that brings diverse experiences of being entrepreneur, working with entrepreneur, employees, students and shares a common belief about nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset.

Tushar Desai

Chief Engagement Officer

Tushar is an entrepreneur, connector, and ecosystem builder. Having lived and worked in three continents, he brings to the table 30 years of experience spanning the start-up as well as corporate worlds. His past 12 years have been as a founder / co-founder of start-ups, in t

Dr. Inderjit Singh

Advisory Board

Inderjit Singh began his career with Texas Instruments. After his stint with Texas Instruments, Singh began a career of entrepreneurship, in which he started six businesses after leaving the corporate arena. He founded the United Test and Assembly Center (UTAC), a semiconduc

Teng Theng Dar

Advisory Board

Having worked with Japan, US, Indonesia and Singapore MNCs, he has over 40 years of senior management experience in Asia, Australia, and in the Middle East Region. In his years of professional career, he spent ten years each in Japan and Indonesia, over four years each in Ma

Kausik Mandal


Kausik founded ETQ® together with the team to tap into people’s innate entrepreneurial potential, with the power of thinking. In doing so, help improve people’s life and career outcomes. He has spent a large part of his life on new venture creation - from research organ

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